Vibrating Foam Roller 3 Speed


Scientific studies have been conducted into the benefits of vibration technology used in muscle recovery, proving the technology really works to get deep into the muscles.

3 Speed Levels – Rechargeable Battery

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  • Engine Power

    Level One 2000 RPM 33 Hz
    Level Two 2700 RPM 45 Hz
    Level Three 2000 – 2700 – 4000 RPM (Pulsating) 33 – 45 – 66 Hz

    Battery type: Lithium-ion

    Battery life: Up to 240 minutes

    Weight: 1 kg

    Color: Black, Red

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  • Vibrating Classic Foam Roller


    The one, the only, the original vibrating roller; an essential part of your recovery process.


    The Pulseroll classic vibrating foam roller is the first of its type in the UK. A self-use massage tool which uses vibration technology to reduce next day soreness and increase blood flow to the muscles; aiding recovery after a tough workout but also helping with long standing muscular problems. The classic roller provides the latest technology to help improve training recovery, injury rehabilitation, muscle soreness and general wellbeing. It can be used on a lower power setting for a more relaxing massage, or on a higher level for those tough muscles needing some extra work. The classic vibrating foam roller is perfect for the dreaded IT band as it is much less painful to use than regular rollers. It’s great for targeting larger muscle groups such as the quads and calves.


    How to use:
    If you want to know how to use a foam roller effectively you’ve come to the right place. Here at Pulseroll we use vibration technology in all our muscle recovery products, setting us apart from the traditional foam rollers out there. With our products you don’t need to roll as much as the vibrations do all the work for you. You place the product on the desired muscle and gently apply pressure as you lean from side to side.


    Reduce next day soreness and muscle pain: The combination of pressure and vibration helps to reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility and reduce next day soreness after your training session.


    4 remote control speed settings: The classic vibrating foam roller has 4 one touch power settings, making the roller ideal for warm ups, cool downs and a variety of workouts utilising the different settings.


    Portable and lightweight: The classic roller only weighs 1kg, making it very easy to transport and therefore is usable everywhere, whether it’s at home, work, or at the gym.


    Built in rechargeable battery: To charge the battery fully, the charging time will take approximately 3 hours. When fully charged, it can be used for up to 4 hours on level 1, or about 4.5 hours at max level 4.


    Increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid: Through continued use, the vibration technology in with the classic roller will flush away lactic acid and increase your circulation, which not only hugely benefits your muscles, but also your heart and all aspects of your health.


    Save money on physio visits: A more affordable alternative to physiotherapy visits. Ideal for the clients to use in the comfort of their home or between sessions.


    Approved by physios and pro athletes: Pulseroll products are used widely by professional athletes and are available in physiotherapy clinics.


    Easy usability: Due to the vibrations there is almost NO need to roll, technique is minimal and it is far less painful to use than a traditional foam roller.


    Rapid training recovery: Using the classic roller for warming up tight muscles or for cooling down after training only takes a couple of minutes of your time. A quick and efficient way to help you achieve the best


    Faster recovery from injury: Myofascial release from the vibration technology helps you avoid many sport related injuries.


    Scientifically proven: Scientific studies have been conducted into the benefits of vibration technology used in muscle recovery, proving the technology really works to get deep into the muscles.


    What’s in the box?

    • Pulseroll classic vibrating foam roller
    • Charger
    • Remote control
    • Bag
    • Manual



    PRODUCT SIZE 30 x 15 x 15 cm
    PACKAGE SIZE 36 x 16 x 16 cm
    PRODUCT WEIGHT 1150 grams
    PACKAGE WEIGHT 1500 grams


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